God’s Guide for Life’s Experiences – Part 3

God’s Guide for Life’s Experiences

Psalm 73: God’s guide away from envy to himself.

Envy: A craving for what your heavenly Father has not provided for you but others have it.

Envy points to…

…our forgetfulness of God’s provision.

…an ongoing internal war for our affections.

…a rebellious heart that believes we know what is better for us than God.

…our propensity for idolatry as we desire what God might give, more than God himself.

…self-righteousness because we believe we deserve what others have and also more.

…a dangerous road ahead of us if we don’t take immediate action.

There are three considerations to guide us away from envy and train our affections for God:

  1. Consider the goodness of God.
  2. Consider the notion of Prosperity and Peace
  3. Consider the slippery slope of rejecting Jesus.

Recommended Reading: Randy Alcorn – “If God is Good” and “90 days of God’s Goodness”; Tony Reinke, “Why Do We Envy the Wicked

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