Bayside Baptism Details

A baptism service is an exciting time in the life of the church because it means that people are taking steps of faith to follow Jesus in their lives. On Sunday, August 19th, the church will gather at 4:30 pm at the bayside beach and kayak landing on Assateague Island National Seashore. The Baptism will begin at 5:00 pm. Plan on enjoying an evening on the water with the church family, so bring your picnic with you.

What is Baptism?

Baptism is the ceremony that marks our entrance into God’s family. Also, it’s the outward symbol that shows the spiritual work of new birth when we come to Christ and place our trust in him. We die to ourselves and are raised with Jesus, and this is reflected in the immersion and raising out of the water (Romans 6:4; Colossians 2:12). Jesus commanded his followers to initiate new believers with Baptism (Matthew 28:19-20), and the church has observed baptism since the beginning (for example, Acts 2:41; 8:12; 18:8). Persons who are baptized make a public confession of faith in Jesus Christ as their crucified and risen Lord and Savior, and declare their intent to follow him with their whole life as a Christian.

If you’re planning to be baptized?

If you’re planning to be baptized, wear dark-colored shorts and a t-shirt. Bathing suits are no big deal at the beach, but during the time when you are baptized, it’s important to wear something a bit more modest. Pastor Kyle will offer a brief explanation of why the church observes baptism, and then begin to call people forward to be baptized. He will ask you if you have confessed Jesus Christ as the risen Lord and Savior (Romans 10:9). He will ask you if you would like to say anything about how you came to trust Jesus with your life, or if you would like to say something about your story of God leading you to trust Jesus. After this, Pastor Kyle will assist you into the water, immersing you for only a moment, and then raise you out of the water. While he is baptizing you, he will say something like, “I baptize you my brother/sister, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, buried with Christ in baptism, and raised to walk in new life.” Baptism is a simple ceremony, but it is deeply meaningful.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact Pastor Kyle.

Prayer Update – July 12, 2017

Becky and Kevin’s daughter Hayden is having surgery today for what is called craniosynostosis of the metopic suture. Her surgery began around 9:30am and the first update was at 12:45pm. Here is what Becky said:

The Neurosurgeon just came out finished with his portion. She had a small dura tear (the membrane that protects the brain) at the bridge of her forehead. The bone was a little extra thick and the dura had kind of grown into the bone. He didn’t seem too concerned, sutured and placed small graft. Plastics are rebuilding, putting back together and it should only be a couple more hours.

We praise the Lord for his protection thus far and the success he’s given through the surgeon. Continue to pray for little Hayden, for a successful surgery and recovery in these coming days and weeks.

Also, as we mentioned on Sunday, Mark’s mother is in hospice care in New York. The doctors have told the family she may live a few more days, or a week. She is beginning to be delusional, and is progressively getting worse. She is in much pain. Please pray for relief for her and for God’s comfort to be with the family. They are more mindful and more thankful than ever of our hope we have in the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

Further Updates to either of these situations will be in the discussion below. You are encouraged to comment as well to assure these families of your prayers for them.


Sunday Morning Kids Ministry Update

As our church continues to grow, so does our kids ministry. Over the last few months, we’ve mentioned the need to split the kids’ classes to serve them better. So, we are asking people to serve in one of four areas, a minimum of once a month: infants, preschool, younger kids, and older kids. We use a curriculum called Gospel Project that is excellent and requires only a small amount of preparation time for the teachers.

There will be a sign-up sheet available on Sundays so you can look at your calendar and sign up for a Sunday when you know you’ll be able to serve. This is especially important as we enter the summer months, when many people travel away, and we also have out-of-town visitors join us on Sundays. We want to make sure our kids are served well.

In addition to this, its important that we have a recent background check on file for those serving with the kids. Please email pastor Kyle ( so you can be sent a link to the background check service we use, called

Also, if you are interested in baptism and/or church membership, please contact Pastor Kyle. A baptism service will be scheduled soon, and we don’t want to miss anyone who is awaiting baptism. We are in an exciting season at Shore Community Church as we see God to continue to add people to our number. Please be in prayer for the church ministry and those who are Shore Community Church.




Missionary Update – April 13, 2017

I got the chance to talk with Sam on Skype this week for a little over an hour to hear about all that God is doing in Germany among refugees from all over the Middle East. They were excited to get the care package we sent, especially because it will help them minister more effectively with the craft times they have with women and children. They just hosted another Culture Kitchen, and they are getting ready to do a week-long soccer camp for refugees this summer. As an answer to prayer, God has recently sent a man as an Arabic translators to be part of their team to help with Bible studies, and another person has joined them who speaks Urdu. I joked with Sam, saying, “At least you speak English!”. They are continually seeing God raise up people for ministry, meeting new refugees, and seeing ministry plans come together. I am excited that our church has a small part in what’s going on there. Continue to pray for the Dyers, that God would provide for their needs and that they would see people begin follow Jesus.


Sunday Service Cancelled on 1/8/17

As disappointing as it is to cancel church tomorrow, it’s the prudent thing to do with the roads being precarious. Make sure to take time to pray for the folks of SCC tomorrow. Read some scripture with your family. Make plans to gather next week. Comment below about any pressing prayer concerns you would like us to pray for and we’ll make sure to pray for you.

Christmastime 2016 at SCC

Another Christmas Season is upon us and SCC is continuing it’s holiday traditions:

  • Sundays at Christmastime: Sundays at 10 AM at the OC Lion’s Club building is our weekly worship service. At Christmastime, the subject of our sermons center upon the message of Christmas and our worship music is many of the traditional Christmas Carols and hymns. Classes for children up to age 12 are offered, but children are also welcomed to stay with their parents.
  • GBHP#5: Saturday, 12/10 from 5:30pm to 8:00pm is our 5th Annual Gingerbread House Party, which also takes place at the Lion’s Club building in West OC off of Airport Rd. Each year we plan a night for families to come and build gingerbread houses together. We provide all the needed materials, something simple for dinner, and we’ll even clean up afterward! We hope you participate with us in this great holiday tradition.
  • Christmas Brunch: After the service on Sunday, 12/18, we will share a meal together. “On What Grounds?” from Berlin will cater the main items, but if you would like to bring something simple as a side dish, there will be a sign-up sheet available the Sunday beforehand. You may also email pastor Kyle.
  • Christmas Eve: Saturday, 12/24, our Christmas Eve Family Candlelight Service will be from 430-530pm. We will sing, hear the Scriptures, and reflect on Christ’s coming. Children will stay in the service as we gather as families in the family of God’s church.
  • No Service on Christmas Day: We do not hold Sunday services on the last Sunday of the year, which is Christmas Day this year. You’re encouraged to worship as a family, or visit another church.

Merry Christmas!

Gingerbread House Party Videos from 2012-2014





This Fall at SCC

ShoreLife Youth will continue our monthly meetings on third Fridays – September 16th, October 21st, and November 18th.

Related to ShoreLife Youth, Pastor Kyle will be leading a 4 week class entitled, “Understanding the Faith”, for 2nd through 5th Graders beginning on Sunday, September 18th. It will be held at the church office from 4-6pm on the four consecutive Sundays, ending on October 9th. Please contact Pastor Kyle if your child or someone you know of will participate.

A Membership Class is scheduled for September 18th after the Sunday Service. Please contact Pastor Kyle if you plan on attending.

Beginning Tuesday, September 20th, a ShoreLife Group will be meet at Pastor Kyle and Tara’s home at 7pm. We will use the workbook, “The Ways of God” which is a 6 week, daily devotional guide designed for small group discussion. They will be available to be picked up on Sunday. The study will continue for 6 weeks ending on October 25th.

We will have a church lunch on October 9th. This is a great time to invite your friends to come and enjoy fellowship with the church. The main dishes will be catered and the church will provide the drinks and ice. If you would like to bring a side item or dessert, there will be a sign-up sheet the Sunday beforehand.