ShoreLife Youth begins this Friday!

Shore Community Church is beginning a monthly meeting for 2nd to 5th graders this Friday, January 15th at the OC Lions’ Club from 630-830pm. We will have snacks, play games, sing, and hear teaching all for the purpose of giving our younger students a chance to grow together in friendship and with the Lord.

If you have students in these grades, we would love for you to bring them on Friday! You can call, text, or email pastor Kyle if you have any questions – 302-396-9510;

Lord, Teach Us To Pray.

Find time to pray this week. Steal a few minutes from your schedule, from your sleep, or from your TV watching, and pray. Pray for your neighbors, co-workers, and the people of Shore Community Church. Pray the Model Prayer of Jesus that we are preaching through this summer. Pray the Psalms…Psalm 1, 23, 51, 91. There are 150 of them, pick one. Ask us to pray for you. Your circumstances may or may not change. But, the people around you need you to pray for them. Let your heart and mind influenced by God in prayer. Let your will and desires be shaped by God in prayer. Let your anxiety and troubles be affected by God in prayer.

The Right to Bear Arms

In the story of Scripture, several times God takes action in history on behalf of his people for his own glory. One of the ways the Bible describes this action is with ideas like God stretching out his hand or God bearing his arm. From Exodus to the Prophets to the resurrection of Jesus, God displays his strength over and over again to his people so that we might trust in him and obey him. In two sermons (part one and part two) entitled “The Right to Bear Arms”, this theme is developed to challenge us and encourage us to trust the strength of our heavenly Father.

These sermons are available on the SCC page here.

How Jesus Transforms the Ten Commandments

We are in the middle of a series of sermons on the Ten Commandments found in Exodus 20:1-17. The sermons are available here if you would like to listen to them. Also, if you are interested in reading a book on the topic, you should pick up E. Clowney’s book, How Jesus Transforms the Ten Commandments. This book was is the source of the title of our series, but approaches the subject matter slightly differently than Pastor Kyle and will offer some helpful perspective as supplementary reading. Hope to see you Sunday!

2013 Summer Teaching Series at SCC

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend and it’s the unofficial beginning of the Summer Season. After Memorial Day, school will soon be out, vacations will be taken; we’ll hit the beach, the pool, and the park. We’ll squeeze what we can out of the outdoors while its warm! As our schedules have a way of changing frequently and becoming very busy in the summer, it’s crucial that we continue to abide in Jesus throughout this season. We want to get to September and be able to look back upon the Summer and see how God has worked in our hearts and lives. We want to see our relationships, our beliefs, and our way of living more closely resemble God’s will for us.

With this in mind, our 2013 Summer Teaching Series here at SCC will be entitled: Simple Relationships, Deep Belief, and Authentic Living: a study through The First Epistle of John. This study begins this Sunday, so invite a friend and bring your Bible and we’ll see how God is going to shape us this Summer as we seek to know him and obey him.

The Book of Ruth – Part Four

This is Part Four of a five-part sermon series through the Old Testament book of Ruth preached on May 5, 2013. It is entitled, “Jesus is a better Boaz”. You can listen to the audio of the sermon here. You can also follow along with this basic outline: Ruth – sermon 4 Outline – Boaz.

Readings for Easter Week – Sunday

Here is the series of passages to read through this week leading up to Easter. The passages can be read on by clicking on the link.

Readings for Easter Week – Saturday

Here is the series of passages to read through this week leading up to Easter. The passages can be read on by clicking on the link.