James 4:4-10

*No Audio was recorded for this sermon*

Experiencing Wholeness in Jesus in a Broken World

James 4:4-10

Main Point: Repentance brings wholeness in Jesus.

Loving God and Loving the World: The brokenness of our world will not be restored through the ways of our world.

The way you and I choose to live has consequences (Galatians 6:7-10).

There are wonderful and good things in this world, and God created them for our enjoyment and his glory, but if we set our affections on those things, if they become the driving motivation of our lives, then they will corrupt us. (Luke 16:13)

We move past guilt, despair and shame with True repentance for wholeness in Jesus (Romans 5:6-11; James 4:7-10).

True Repentance includes:

1) Submitting to God

2) Resisting the Devil

3) Drawing near to God

4) Cleansing our hands and purifying our hearts

5) Mourning

6) Humbling ourselves

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