James 2:14-26

Experiencing Wholeness in Jesus in a Broken World

James 2:14-26

Main Point: The kind of faith that leads us to experience wholeness in Jesus Christ is active.

What good is faith, religion, or spirituality (v14)?

1 Corinthians 15:30-34

The contrast between true faith with false religion (15-17).

  • True religion, true faith, is lived out actively in a way that it not only makes your life better, but it makes the lives of those people around you better.

How do you demonstrate that you have faith in Jesus? (v18)

Three Examples of demonstrating faith (v18-25)

1) Demons (v19)

2) Abraham (v20-24 from Genesis 22)

3) Rahab (v25)

What kind of faith do you have?


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