Making Adjustments – June 2021

1) We knew that restarting the church after the restrictions related to COVID would require ongoing adjustments. Our shift in March to Sunday evening, in-person services has proven to be a good try, but not a long-term solution. Not one person has told me that the evening time was better for them. The River Church was incredibly generous to us to allow us to try out this option. So in light of this, we are moving Sunday service back to 10am at the McDaniel’s house in Berlin. The Zoom option will still be available. If a better, long-term option for Sunday morning presents itself, we will make another adjustment. If you have ideas for a facility, or if you would like to talk about hosting a worship service in your home, please let me know – In order to give focused time on teaching the children of our church, Parents may drop off their children at 9:20 for Sunday School and join us again at 9:50am. Just enough time to grab a coffee or breakfast!

2) In an attempt to make more options for time together as a church, we will also gather at 6pm on Tuesdays at the McDaniel house for a meal and brief bible study. We know how juggling work, dinner, children’s bedtimes, and other things are difficult during the week, so we are taking dinner off of your to-do list and preparing it for you at our house. If you can only stop by for a few minutes on your way home, that is fine. If you want to eat and run, that’s fine. But the plan is to eat together, read the Word together, and pray together between 6 and 7pm. We will see how this works out and make adjustments moving forward. If you would like to host the church in your home for a meal, bible study, or social event, please let me know.

3) As I mentioned in our Annual Meeting on May 16th, I am slowing adjusting into a Part-Time Pay (Bi-Vocational) role at the church. The intention is to relieve the church of the financial burden of paying 100% of my salary. At this point, I can’t say if this will be a permanent move as there are multiple factors that affect this decision. I do feel like it’s important that the church have money available to lease a facility, and adjusting to part-time pay will aid in that. Please contact me with any questions.

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