James 1.1-4

Pastor Kyle McDaniel’s sermon on James 1.1-4 on March 10, 2019.

Experiencing Wholeness in Jesus in a Broken World

James 1:1-4

Main Idea: Followers of Jesus Christ can experience a kind of wholeness in life, that the brokenness of our world cannot change by turning to him in trials and suffering.

Experience wholeness in Jesus by turning to Jesus in your trials and suffering, not away from him.

  • Correct your tendency to use our trials and hardship in life as an excuse for sinful actions.
  • Bad circumstances don’t justify foolish or bad actions.
  • Will you believe that God doesn’t waste suffering?
  • Storms will come, but where will you stand, what will you fasten yourself to, where will you build your foundation?
  • When you and I have learned to turn to Christ in our trials and suffering, God won’t waste it (v4).
  • When James says “perfect and complete”, he’s pointing us to a wholehearted, focused, grounded, and victorious life in Christ. This is experiencing wholeness in Jesus.
  • As terrible as your suffering may be, don’t waste it by turning away from God in it. Where else will you turn in your trials and suffering to find joy and hope?

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