What to Expect

A typical Sunday service last around an hour and includes prayer, singing, an offering, and a message from the Bible. Pastor Kyle would love to meet you if you’d like to stick around after the service for a few minutes, but we won’t do anything to single you out or embarrass you.

If children are coming with you, you should know that we want children in our church, and we want the noises and activity of children. Jesus welcomed little children, and it wouldn’t be very “Jesus-like” if we thought they were a hindrance to worship. Therefore, we do not have classes that separate our kids from the congregation. For a small church, there are several young children, so we don’t want you to think your child will be a “distraction”. We believe that we can and should worship Jesus with children present.

At Shore Community Church, our desire is to love God simply, deeply, and authentically. We try to make sure this affects everything we do. So, when you come to church on Sunday, hopefully you’ll see that.

We hope to see you Sunday!

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