Our Story

Shore Community Church began meeting on September 4, 2011 with 12 people in Pastor Kyle’s living room. As the church grew, we began to search for a larger space to rent. After being prohibited occupancy in other facilities by obstacles like town zoning and building code requirements, the Ocean City Lion’s Club offered their facility for our use on Sunday mornings. We moved services to their building on Airport Road in West Ocean City, MD in April 2012. After more than 6 years there, in the Summer of 2018, Shore Community Church was able to begin a partnership with Ocean City Elementary School, to begin using their facility on Sunday mornings. We continue to meet at OCES at 10am each Sunday.


SCC at Pastor Kyle’s house in 2011

SCC at the Lion’s Club until July 2018

The story of Shore Community Church began long before the beginning of our weekly services on September 4, 2011. We are a non-denomination church, yet our beliefs and practices are distinctively Christian and follow in the traditions and doctrines of historic Christianity. Even before this, our story is caught up in an even greater Story. We are part of something greater than one church in one town. You might say that we are not only part of “a story” but “The Story“.

The Story

You can get “The Story” app here.

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