Review and Reflect on Mark 10:1-12

Working through books of the Bible like this is a good thing. It helps us to understand broad passages of scripture and themes that run through scripture. Another thing it does is forces us to deal with some of the more difficult passages. Mark 10 brings us to one of those types of passages. Jesus talked […]

Review and Reflect on Mark 8:14-21

Read Mark 8:14-21. Jesus is pondering his interaction with the Pharisees and he uses it as a teachable moment for his disciples. In verse 15 he says to “beware of the leaven”. Some translations will say “beware of the yeast”. There is very little indication as to what Jesus is referring to other than a […]

Review and Reflect on Mark 8:11-13

Begin by reading Mark 8:11-13. Jesus is met by this group of religious leaders when he arrives at his destination. They want him to perform a sign for them. Moses did this with his staff and Elijah did this by calling down fire onto an altar. But Jesus will have none of it. He is […]

Review and Reflect on Mark 7:14-23

Last week, we looked at the first part of this story, found in Mark 7:1-13, where Jesus teaches that true religion isn’t only about what you do, but why you do it. Read the remainder of the story in Mark 7:14-23. In verse 14, we see Jesus take this private debate out into the crowd and […]

Review and Reflect on Mark 7:1-13

Up to this point Jesus has appeared as a figure of powerful action rather than a teacher, and has been received with popularity. But at the beginning of chapter 7 controversy comes and it is met by even more controversial teaching. The religious leaders reenter the picture for the first time in a few chapters […]

Review and Reflect – Mark 3:1-6

Read Mark 3:1-6 The religious leaders like the Scribes and Pharisees were not interested in listening to Jesus, or even considering whether or not he may be a great teacher or possibly even more. They come to Jesus for one purpose, to oppose him. Their beliefs and lifestyle made no room for Jesus, so rather than […]

Review and Reflect – Mark 2:17

Jesus comes saying, Pharisees and sinners alike need to repent. The religious need to stop trusting in their religion to make them right. The irreligious need to stop avoiding God and pushing him away. Jesus says to them, follow me. If I am to find myself in this story, I am either a Pharisee or […]

Review and Reflect – Mark 2:13-17

Read Mark 2:13-17. When the 12 apostles are selected, Levi is not among them. I think this is an important thing to emphasize to show that there were people following Jesus that were not apostles.The story of Levi is significant, not because he becomes an apostle, but because he is a tax-collector. In Chapter 1, […]