Missions Sunday this Week

Our friends the Dyers are going to be in town this weekend to share with us about their ministry to the immigrant and refugee population in Germany. Tara and I will be hosting a party on Saturday from 4-7pm if you would like to come and meet the Dyers and share a meal with us. They will be speaking in church on Sunday, and afterward, anyone who wishes to join us for lunch is welcomed.

I have known Sam since we were roommates in Seminary, but our church has partnered with them financially since its inception. We’ve been part of their ministry in Vietnam, Pakistan, and now to several people groups who have sought refuge in Germany. I hope you will make plans to spend some time with them this weekend and hear the stories of what God is doing among the most impoverished and vulnerable people in the world.

If you plan on joining us on Saturday, email or text me. I want to make sure we have enough food!

Cultivating Love through Generosity…and Missions

On this past Sunday, I mentioned that one of the ways we can cultivate a growing love for God in our lives is through practicing generosity. I defined generosity as giving something to someone that they cannot get themselves. One guy in the church reminded me how generous he’d been for getting me some deer meat this year, since I can’t seem to get any myself. A little sarcasm joined with some much-appreciated generosity isn’t so bad I guess!

The mockery of my hunting-and-gathering abilities aside, there’s a way that we can be generous as a church and as individuals right in front of us. Our church is partnering with the Gudeman’s in the endeavor of training for aviation missions and eventual work in the field of missionary aviation. They are in the final stages of fundraising before they move to Ohio for roughly 3 years and then onto a field placement. There is a significant need for last minute and moving expenses and this is a great place for us to go beyond our partnership in their mission and show generosity. I would encourage you to be generous to them in this way. Make a donation on the MMS donation page by going to “Give to missionary Support”, select “Gudeman” and label it for “Out-going Expenses”. They are so close to their fundraising goal, I would love to see the generosity of Shore Community Church get them there.

Information on Team Gudeman

We are grateful to be in partnership with Andy and Trisha Gudeman as they pursue God’s calling in aviation missions. You can find out more about what they’ll be doing at MMSAviation.org. Please remember them in your prayers, asking God for the financial support, so that they can move this June to MMS in Coshocton, Ohio.

Picture from 2.15.15

Missionary Prayer Update

I know there are some of you who don’t follow the Rineholt’s on Facebook so I wanted to post a quick update to help you know how to pray for them:

  • Pray for reliable transportation.  Yesterday their truck broke down and Shawn is hoping to get it fixed, but they really need a vehicle that will get them from “A to B”.
  • Pray for their time with missions teams. They are expecting another team to come next week. These teams are performing various tasks aiding the ministry. Please pray that these times would be helpful, encouraging, and aid in the preaching of the Gospel.
  • Pray for continued provision, good health, and God’s blessing on their family and ministry.

Missions Update for April 24, 2013

You can go here to read about the new Christian Radio station in Haiti that was put together by Ears to Hear Ministries. What a huge success for this ministry! Many people who have never heard the Gospel now have access to the story of Jesus.

Missionary Update for 4/18/2013

If you haven’t been following the ministry of the Rineholt’s in the Dominican Republic on Facebook, then you should read their blog update here.  This week was the beginning of a new radio station in the town of Constanza, Dominican Republic. In addition to this milestone, there have been lots of other things happening with other aspects of their ministry (school, surf ministry, youth bible study, etc.) and they are preparing for a mission team to arrive soon.  They have had problems with their van, and just got it back last night. It has been awhile since I have posted an update, but I wanted to remind you to please continue to partner with them by remembering them in your prayers.



Mission Project in Haiti – Radio Station Haiti 102.3

As many of you know, our friends Shawn and Jen Rineholt and their children are involved in several projects in their mission work in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Recently, they were able to open a new radio station in Haiti. For Americans, some consider radio a marginal medium, but in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, it is still on the cutting edge. The Rineholt’s are working to put hand-held, solar-powered radios in the hands of the masses so that people can listen to the new radio station. These radios are programmed to only pick up this one station which is a Christian radio station with Christian music and Bible based, Christ-centered programming. This is an incredible tool for telling these people about the Gospel.

These hand-held radios are often listened to by a group of people, so the audience for each radio is exponential. The Rineholt’s need $1500 to ship 1000 of these radios.

My challenge to you is to go here and pay for at least 1 radio to be shipped and placed in someone’s hand. Let’s be honest, most of us would spend $1.50 without really even thinking about it. So, dig around in your couch and in the ash tray of your car and find the change to ship one of these radios!

Go here to donate!

Missionary Update

The Rineholt’s have posted an update on their blog. Check it out to see all that is happening with them in the Dominican Republic and to see how you can pray for them:

Reckoning on God’s Power and Presence to be with us.