Missionary Update – The Gudeman’s

Our church is in partnership in ministry with two different families. One of those families is the Gudeman’s who have just began to train for missionary aviation service. You can check out there most recent newsletter here.

Cultivating Love through Generosity…and Missions

On this past Sunday, I mentioned that one of the ways we can cultivate a growing love for God in our lives is through practicing generosity. I defined generosity as giving something to someone that they cannot get themselves. One guy in the church reminded me how generous he’d been for getting me some deer meat this […]

Mission Project in Haiti – Radio Station Haiti 102.3

As many of you know, our friends Shawn and Jen Rineholt and their children are involved in several projects in their mission work in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Recently, they were able to open a new radio station in Haiti. For Americans, some consider radio a marginal medium, but in the Dominican Republic and […]

Review and Reflect on Mark 13 – The Temple-Religion is being replaced by Jesus-Religion

Mark 13 is focused around Jesus’ response to the disciples’ question in verse 4 about when the Temple will be destroyed. In Jesus’ day, all of Jewish religion was focused on the Temple, but Jesus has been teaching throughout Mark’s Gospel that religion is changing because the time is fulfilled and God’s kingdom had come. As Israel’s […]

November Update from the Rineholt’s in the Dominican Republic

Here is a video from just before Thanksgiving from the Rineholt’s in the Dominican Republic. Let’s continue to pray for them. In the midst of both physical and spiritual adversity, they are also being given opportunites to impact people’s lives with the Gospel. Additionally, Shawn and I are praying about a potential trip to the DR in 2013 to […]

Update on the Rineholt’s in the Dominican Republic

Shawn sent me an email to keep everyone in the loop about all that his happening in the Dominican Republic. I have edited it, but you can read it below: The kids are doing better, Kylie has been throwing up for 5 days. I was looking for the medicine Phenergen here for her but was […]

Missionary Update for October 15, 2012

This weekend we received two updates from the missionary families with which our church is partnering: The first family (for security reason, we don’t use their names) is in Germany for a few months, but this week, the husband is in Africa working with several missionaries there conducting training sessions regarding safety and security issues. While they wait […]