Missionary Prayer Update

I know there are some of you who don’t follow the Rineholt’s on Facebook so I wanted to post a quick update to help you know how to pray for them:

  • Pray for reliable transportation.  Yesterday their truck broke down and Shawn is hoping to get it fixed, but they really need a vehicle that will get them from “A to B”.
  • Pray for their time with missions teams. They are expecting another team to come next week. These teams are performing various tasks aiding the ministry. Please pray that these times would be helpful, encouraging, and aid in the preaching of the Gospel.
  • Pray for continued provision, good health, and God’s blessing on their family and ministry.

Missions Update for April 24, 2013

You can go here to read about the new Christian Radio station in Haiti that was put together by Ears to Hear Ministries. What a huge success for this ministry! Many people who have never heard the Gospel now have access to the story of Jesus.

Mission Project in Haiti – Radio Station Haiti 102.3

As many of you know, our friends Shawn and Jen Rineholt and their children are involved in several projects in their mission work in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Recently, they were able to open a new radio station in Haiti. For Americans, some consider radio a marginal medium, but in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, it is still on the cutting edge. The Rineholt’s are working to put hand-held, solar-powered radios in the hands of the masses so that people can listen to the new radio station. These radios are programmed to only pick up this one station which is a Christian radio station with Christian music and Bible based, Christ-centered programming. This is an incredible tool for telling these people about the Gospel.

These hand-held radios are often listened to by a group of people, so the audience for each radio is exponential. The Rineholt’s need $1500 to ship 1000 of these radios.

My challenge to you is to go here and pay for at least 1 radio to be shipped and placed in someone’s hand. Let’s be honest, most of us would spend $1.50 without really even thinking about it. So, dig around in your couch and in the ash tray of your car and find the change to ship one of these radios!

Go here to donate!

Missionary Update for October 15, 2012

This weekend we received two updates from the missionary families with which our church is partnering:

The first family (for security reason, we don’t use their names) is in Germany for a few months, but this week, the husband is in Africa working with several missionaries there conducting training sessions regarding safety and security issues. While they wait for the opportunity to return to the field in Pakistan, God is using them in a support role. This isn’t “glamorous”, but it is essential work. Please continue to pray for them in these ways:

  • That God would open the door for them to return to Pakistan
  • That God would make this season of working in a support role successful
  • That God would continue to supply all of their needs.

Our second missionary family, the Reinholt’s have written an update here that you can read. Please continue to pray for the Rineholt’s in the following ways:

  • That God would provide for the several needs that they are working to remedy.
  • That God would sustain their health and give them the strength to accomplish their work.
  • That they would continue to see fruit as they labor for the Lord.

The Rineholt Family – Missionaries to the Dominican Republic and Haiti

We were pleased to host Shawn and Jen Rineholt and their children at SCC during our service yesterday. Shawn and Jen shared with us what God has been doing in and through their ministry in the Dominican Republic (DR) and Haiti. Their words were both encouraging and challenging to us. In case you missed it yesterday, here are some of the things they are involved with:

In a place that rarely has electricity and where few people can read, radio is a wonderful thing. The Rineholt’s are working diligently to get the radio station in the DR operating so that listeners can have access to Bible teaching and Christian programming via radio. They also work with a radio station in Haiti that is currently operating and are hoping to expand there.

  • The “Children Full of the Love of Christ” School

Working alongside Wilkins, a DR local, the Rineholt’s have built a school and are teaching more than 50 children at this school. Many children are “stateless” belonging to neither the DR or Haiti and have no rights or even the privileges of education. Wilkins has the vision to fill that gap, and the Rineholt’s and joined him to serve at this school.

  • Well Drilling

With Cholera being an epidemic because of contaminated drinking water, fresh, potable water is a valuable commodity. A well costs roughly $6000 to drill and there is no guarantee water will be found. The Rineholt’s have partnered with a local pastor who owns a drilling rig which can be repaired for roughly $4800 and then multiple wells will be able to be drilled.

  • Surfing Outreach

The Rineholt’s regularly go to a nearby surf spot to connect with locals to share the Gospel. This also provides a worthwhile activity for many of the kids in their town, who otherwise might simply get into trouble on the streets.

  • Youth Home Bible Study

The Rineholt’s are working to share the Gospel with the large numbers of local children who live nearby. They meet with more than 50 kids weekly outside their home in Barahona.

In addition to all of this, they have endured hardship through illness, discomfort of living conditions, thefts, and natural disasters. But, the Rineholt’s exude the joy of Christ and they willingly face suffering because of the Gospel and the desire to proclaim it to these wonderful people.

Let us join with them in prayer continually and we will see how God leads SCC to further join with their ministry in the weeks and months ahead.

If you would like to make a donation to their ministry,

go here.

(yes, it is tax-deductible)


You can send a check here:

Ears to Hear Radio

PO Box 367

Parkton, MD 21120

In the memo line write: The Rineholts

Missionary Update

The missionaries that SCC currently partners with are still awaiting visa approval before they can return to Pakistan. In the meantime, they have been working with their organization to develop necessary administrative processes and help other missionaries around the world with security issues. This isn’t what many of us think of when we think of “Missions”, but administrative development and security measures are quite important to sustain missionaries on the field long-term. In order to facilitate this support more efficiently, they are relocating to Europe in August. Here are the ways in which we can continue to pray for them:

  • Pray for a smooth transition as they relocate.
  • Pray that a door would open for them to return to Pakistan and their Visas would be granted.

On Sunday, September 2, we will get to meet another family who has been working in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. They are involved in many ministries as they work to spread the Gospel there such as the Ears to Hear radio ministry. The Rineholt family will join us on September 2 to tell us more about what God is doing with and through them in the Dominican Republic and Haiti and how SCC can partner with them. Until then, here is how we can pray for them:

  • Pray God would bless their family and ministry.
  • Pray that God would provide for their needs.
  • Pray that God would give them safe travels while they are in the States until September.