Review and Reflect on Mark 15:40-16:8 – Jesus died and rose again.

Mark 15:40-16:2 is the story of Jesus’ death on the cross. Compared to the other Gospels, Mark presents a brief account. In this passage, he mentions several people by name. One of the first questions I have when I read this is, Where did these people come from? They are not mentioned anywhere before in the book, and […]

Review and Reflect on Mark 10:32-52

At the end of Mark 10, Jesus continues to teach and heal and expand his ministry. The last few posts have looked at how he has dealt with his disciples’ desire to be given positions of prominence and influence in the new Kingdom that Jesus was going to bring. Jesus has placed a child in […]

Review and Reflect on Mark 9:30-50 (Gospel-Centered Greatness, Part 3)

Jesus uses the cross to frame our perspective of greatness. He teaches that the path to greatness is humility and service. He also teaches that Gospel-Centered Greatness is seen in different places and in different ways. He teaches that there is diversity in greatness. In Mark 9:14-29, the disciples tried to cast a demon out of a […]

Review and Reflect on Mark 8:1-10

This chapter marks a significant turning point in Jesus’ life and ministry as we will see over the next several posts. He has travelled all around the area surrounding the Sea of Galilee teaching about the Time being fulfilled and God’s Kingdom coming. This is the message that goes by the name Gospel or Good News in […]

Review and Reflect: Mark 3:20-35

First, read Mark 3:20-35. Jesus and his followers go back home. It’s likely that they went back to Simon’s house in the town of Capernaum. They settle in and get ready to eat for what appears to be the first time in quite a while, and again the crowd finds him. His family has heard […]

Review and Reflect: Mark 3:7-19

Mark 3:7-19 In this passage, Jesus continues to teach, cast out demons, and heal. Great crowds of people have come to see what was happening and to benefit from what was happening. People were climbing over one another trying to get to Jesus. And after a while, it was time for Jesus to get away for a bit. Jesus leaves the […]