Review and Reflect on Mark 15:16-39 – The King has come and although he was dead now he is alive.

When the soldiers who are responsible to crucify Jesus take him into custody, they reject and abuse him. The Roman soldiers were more than happy to be able to abuse a Jewish man on this day. There was a strained relationship between Jews and Romans, and the soldiers expressed their feelings of racism and disdain for Jews […]

Review and Reflect on Mark 8:11-13

Begin by reading Mark 8:11-13. Jesus is met by this group of religious leaders when he arrives at his destination. They want him to perform a sign for them. Moses did this with his staff and Elijah did this by calling down fire onto an altar. But Jesus will have none of it. He is […]

Review and Reflect on Mark 6:30-44

If you remember, Jesus was beginning to expand his ministry throughout the region surrounding the Sea of Galilee. He had been working in Capernaum up to this point, but now has gone to Nazareth where he was rejected by the people he grew up with in his home town. So he continues on to the surrounding […]

Review and Reflect on Mark 4:21-34

Mark 4 consists of a number of Jesus’s teachings. In other places you can read about how the people reacted to his teaching. They were amazed at the authority with which Jesus taught and remarked on how much better his teaching was than the scribes. One of the major points of Jesus’ teaching here in […]