Sunday Worship

Jesus organized his followers into a people called the Church. Since that time, small groups of his followers have gathered weekly to worship God on Sundays. We continue this practice, gathering for worship through preaching, singing, and ordinances. The desire of Shore Community Church is to love God and love People. We are guided in this by three principles: Simplicity, Depth, and Authenticity. We believe that our Sunday service expresses these three principles. We keep it simple. We sing to God together in worship. We listen to a sermon from the Bible. We try to be real with one another.

Because of this, it may appear that we are minimalistic. But we believe that life is complicated enough and we turn to God to show us how to sort it out. God has given us the Bible to lead us into a deeper walk with him; we do our best to teach it. We know we all have issues, so we don’t pretend otherwise. We are convinced though, that God has great truth for our dysfunction.

Come as you are…but be open to God for him to change your life.

Follow the links for more information about Sunday Worship:

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