Serving the Church

Worship includes singing, praying, bible readying, and hearing sermons. There are also actions of hands-on worship as well. When we use our abilities or talents for God’s glory, it’s an act of worship. There are a variety of ways to both informally and formally serve SCC and worship God through your time, talents, and treasures. Below are many ways you to serve formally at SCC in either an ongoing or temporary basis:

On an ongoing Basis:

-setup crew

-Take-down crew

-teach babies and preschool kids

-teach older kids

-Quarterly Fellowship Meal Planning

-ShoreLife Youth – monthly

-Host a bible Study at your home or the church office

-Host a church meal at your home or a restaurant

-Run the Sunday Morning Computer

-create the guest welcome gifts

-oversee the “info table”

-Create Church Prayer Journal

-create and oversee a better church website

-create the weekly worship presentation for the computer

-organize pastor’s credit card receipts for Finance Team

-Missionary Connection – communicate with Missionaries, pray for them, send care packages, etc.

-Promotions – make an order of t-shirts, hats, etc. with church logo; keep signage “fresh”, create event pages on FB, promote church and events online and in print; Amazon Smile

-Work on Application for Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA)

-Read the offering passage and pray in the Sunday Service

-Record Sunday Sermons and post online

-Take Sunday Sermon Notes and post online


On a Temporary or Event Basis:

-organize live “special music” for a Sunday service

-organize the children to sing a song for the Sunday Service.

-organize an outreach

-Host a bible Study at your home or the church office

-Host a church meal at your home or a restaurant.

-Send our Missionaries a Care Package

-Create a SCC Promotional Video

-Create a ShoreLife Youth Promotional Video

-Take “minutes” at church meetings