Ministry is the application of our love for God and others in the routine of daily life. Ministry isn’t for a special class of Christian, but for everyone who knows the Lord. Every follower of Jesus is called to be a “minister” in daily life. Ministry is a way of life here at Shore Community Church. Biblically, ministry and service are the same idea as acts of worship to God. The Simplicity, Depth, and Authenticity that we strive for is reflected in the way we organize and participate in ministry. The emphasis is upon personal, individual service, because this naturally develops into ministry as the church. The church is the people, not some impersonal organization. So, life with Shore Community Church is the people doing the ministry by serving others in daily life.  ShoreLife is all about integrating our love for God and others into day-to-day life here on the Shore.

Aspects of our collective ministry together include:


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