Membership in a local church is vitally important for Christians. There is a mutual commitment in church membership that is the context for discipleship, Christian love, and service. At Shore Community Church, there is a process to becoming a member of the church:

1) Declare a personal commitment of faith in Jesus Christ for salvation

2) Be Baptized as a testimony to salvation and as an act of obedience. If a person has been baptized already as a testimony to salvation and as an act of obedience they do not need to be baptized again for membership.

3) Affirm membership solely at Shore Community Church while acknowledging the need for a spirit of unity and love among all believers as members of the universal Church.

4) Commit to abide by the Church’s membership covenant

5) Complete a membership class. Contact Pastor Kyle to find out when the next one will be.

6) Be approved for membership by the Board of Elders

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