The Bible says in Psalm 127:3 that children are a reward from God. In a day where kids are often treated as a hindrance, we want to welcome them. You may take your younger children to a classroom before the service for a more age-appropriate focus, or you may keep them with you during the service. No one expects your child, or their own, to behave perfectly, sit still, and be quiet. Children are not a distraction to worship, Jesus welcomed them to himself, so we would be wrong to treat them otherwise.

Since our church meets at Ocean City Elementary School, the facility is nicely adjusted for children and we have specific rooms for them up to age 12. Older children are dismissed to their class after we sing together. But again, they may stay with you if that makes your more comfortable.We have some incredible people who teach and care for our children. On a typical Sunday, they have a Bible lesson which includes plenty of time for them to have fun with other children.

If you would like more information about our Children’s Ministry, contact us and we will be in touch. We keep background checks on file for those who work with the children. For anyone who may be interested, We are using the Gospel Project for Kids to teach our children about the Bible story in a creative manner.

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