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Shore Community Church may be a small congregation, but there’s more than enough ministry if we’re willing to do it. A great way to find a place to get involved is to contact Pastor Kyle to see how your gifting intersects with the church’s needs.

Here are lots of suggested ways to serve at Shore Community Church

Below are suggestions for how you might get involved in the life of the congregation:

Serve on a temporary or one-time basis:

  • Promotions – make an order of t-shirts, hats, etc. with church logo
  • Organize live “special music” for a Sunday service
  • Organize the children to sing a song for the Sunday Service.
  • Organize an outreach
  • Host a 4-6 week Bible Study at your home or the church office
  • Host a church meal at your home or a restaurant.
  • Send our Missionaries a Care Package
  • Find a conference that meets the Elders’ approval for our congregation to attend
  • Create an SCC Promotional Video
  • Create a ShoreLife Youth Promotional Video
  • Plan and host a ShoreLife Youth Event
  • Take “minutes” at church meetings
  • Decorate for Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.
  • Write notes to people who haven’t been to church in a couple of weeks.
  • Organize a Chesapeake Housing Mission project

Serve in an ongoing way:

  • Setup crew
  • Takedown crew
  • Teach babies and preschool kids (0-4)
  • Teach younger kids (5-7)
  • Teach older kids (8-12)
  • Organize a Sunday AM Adult Bible Study from 830 to 930
  • Plan one or more of the Quarterly Fellowship Meals
  • Assist with the monthly ShoreLife Youth ministry in some capacity.
  • Host an ongoing bible Study at your home or the church office
  • Run the Sunday Morning Computer
  • Create the guest welcome gifts, and be responsible for making sure visitors get one.
  • Oversee the “info table”
  • Create Church Prayer Journal cataloging requests for prayer and answers to prayer
  • Lead a team to pray for the church.
  • Create and oversee a better church website
  • Create the weekly worship presentation for the computer
  • Organize pastor’s credit card receipts for Finance Team
  • Serve on the Finance team as an offering counter
  • Serve as the Church Treasurer
  • Missionary Connection – connect a new missionary family, communicate with Missionaries, pray for them, send care packages, etc.
  • Promotions: keep signage “fresh”, manage church Facebook page, promote church and events online and in print; promote Amazon Smile
  • Work on Application for Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA)
  • Read the offering passage and pray in the Sunday Service
  • Organize a team to share in a rotation for reading the offering passage
  • Record Sunday Sermons and post online
  • Take Sunday Sermon Notes and post online
  • Be responsible for kids class teacher schedule
  • Be responsible for kids class supplies
  • Be responsible for facility cleanliness
  • Oversee partnership with Chesapeake housing Mission.
  • Oversee partnership with Little Pink Houses of Hope
  • Shepherding Team: Take attendance and help the Elders follow up with those who missed worship.
  • Serve on the Developmental Center Team on Wednesdays at 10am
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