Get Involved

There are five simple ways to get involved at Shore Community Church:

  1. Believe. We believe that God loved the world so much, that he sent his Son Jesus to live on earth, fulfill his purposes, then conquer death through his resurrection, and one day he will set the whole creation to rights.  The church was his idea, and the point of the church is to point us to him. Even if you’re not sure if you believe that, you’re still welcomed among us.
  2. Serve. Shore Community Church may be a small congregation, but there’s more than enough ministry if we’re willing to do it.
  3. Connect. The life and purpose of the church extends outside of the Sunday morning gathering.
  4. Give. Contribute financially to the ministry of the church.
  5. Invite. Ask someone to join you this Sunday at 10am at OCES for worship with the church.

You can contact Pastor Kyle anytime to discuss how to get involved.


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