Weekly New Testament Reading – week 1

As I mentioned in my sermon Sunday, reading 5 chapters of the New Testament each week means you will read all of it over the course of the year. So, on each Monday this year, I’ll post the reference to the 5 chapters as we read through the New Testament together this year. The whole […]

Christmastime Devotional Readings

There is a great (and free!) e-publication available this year for Christmastime. “Good News of Great Joy” is the title of our Christmas Sermon Series at SCC, but Desiring God Ministries has also published an a book called “Good News of Great Joy: Daily Readings for Advent”. It has daily readings beginning December 1st through […]

Daily Readings for the Christmas Season

This morning I discovered an excellent Bible reading plan that is for Christmastime. It began yesterday and goes until Christmas Day. The readings are only a couple of pages but rich in content. If you are looking for something to aid in personal worship of the Lord this holiday, I recommend this ebook. It is available in […]

Review and Reflect on Mark 9:14-29 (Part 2)

The disciples have witnessed this whole scene and naturally they wonder why they were unable to heal the boy. So they ask Jesus about it in Mark 9:28-29. After the disciples’ failure, they see how this father responds to Jesus in faith, and they wonder why they couldn’t perform the miracle. So Jesus gives them a […]

Recommended Reading

This week’s sermon is based upon Luke 1-2, specifically the passages about Mary. Luke pays special attention to communicating how God’s ways subvert man’s ways in regards to wealth and status, so as you read, make note of how he does this. Luke’s writing is also an interesting complement to Matthew’s Christmas story because Matthew […]