Service Opportunity this Sunday Evening

On Sunday Evening (June 4, 2017) at 5:30pm, we will serve a meal to the 11 families with Little Pink Houses of Hope. This organization provides a vacation for families who have someone going through breast cancer treatment.. We are the sponsoring church for the Ocean City retreat, which means we are serving them a meal on Sunday, and providing items from the beach stand on 67th street for their beach day on Monday.

Some of these folks are believers and some are not, so this is a small way we can show the love of Christ to families who are going through a season of suffering. It’s an important part of their programming to let their families know that the church loves them. Having a church connection on the vacation, will encourage some to seek out a church in their home town. You can read the testimonials from families who have gone on these retreats here. For many of them, it’s a time of true spiritual rest and sweet family togetherness.

If you would like to take part in serving the meal on Sunday at 5:30pm, please contact Pastor Kyle. It will be served in a conference room at the Art League of Ocean City, 502 94th Street. The food will be catered, and we are there to talk to the families and serve the food.

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