Sunday Morning Kids Ministry Update

As our church continues to grow, so does our kids ministry. Over the last few months, we’ve mentioned the need to split the kids’ classes to serve them better. So, we are asking people to serve in one of four areas, a minimum of once a month: infants, preschool, younger kids, and older kids. We use a curriculum called Gospel Project that is excellent and requires only a small amount of preparation time for the teachers.

There will be a sign-up sheet available on Sundays so you can look at your calendar and sign up for a Sunday when you know you’ll be able to serve. This is especially important as we enter the summer months, when many people travel away, and we also have out-of-town visitors join us on Sundays. We want to make sure our kids are served well.

In addition to this, its important that we have a recent background check on file for those serving with the kids. Please email pastor Kyle ( so you can be sent a link to the background check service we use, called

Also, if you are interested in baptism and/or church membership, please contact Pastor Kyle. A baptism service will be scheduled soon, and we don’t want to miss anyone who is awaiting baptism. We are in an exciting season at Shore Community Church as we see God to continue to add people to our number. Please be in prayer for the church ministry and those who are Shore Community Church.




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