Prayer Update

Please Pray for a young lady named Meg McCready. She and her boyfriend were struck by a car this morning while walking to school. They have been flown to Shock Trauma. They suspect she may have some internal problems from the accident. I know of few details at this point but I will update this blog in the “discussion” section below as they become known. Meg is the daughter of Tracy and Daryl McCready, the Pastor of SonRise Church in Berlin.

5 thoughts on “Prayer Update

  1. I got an update that said although her injuries are very serious, they do not appear to be immediately life threatening. She has some bleeding from her liver, a fractured pelvis, and an injured shoulder and arm. She was able to speak with her mother, Tracy before going into surgery.

  2. Dear Lord, we pray asking for your healing hand, as only you can do on Meg McCready and her boyfriend. We pray all involved in this accident. And comfort to them and their families. In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

  3. As of this morning, Meg is in ICU recovering. From the Facebook updates I’ve read, it sounds like she is doing well considering the circumstances. Thank you all for praying for her. If I become aware of any changes or needs, I will post them here.

  4. Here is a copy of what Meg’s mom, Traci, wrote on Facebook around 11am on 5/25/16 –

    “We’ve made it through a very difficult few hours. My girl continues to push hard. The physical therapists were able to help her stand, take a step and sit up right in a chair. The pain was intense especially the back fracture but she didn’t quit. It took a long time to accomplish but she wanted to achieve this today and she did! The pain and nausea that followed were tough and I struggled with feeling faint myself but thank you Jesus when we are weak He is strong. Don’t tell her but she’s now snoring comfortably.”

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