Cultivating Love through Generosity…and Missions

On this past Sunday, I mentioned that one of the ways we can cultivate a growing love for God in our lives is through practicing generosity. I defined generosity as giving something to someone that they cannot get themselves. One guy in the church reminded me how generous he’d been for getting me some deer meat this year, since I can’t seem to get any myself. A little sarcasm joined with some much-appreciated generosity isn’t so bad I guess!

The mockery of my hunting-and-gathering abilities aside, there’s a way that we can be generous as a church and as individuals right in front of us. Our church is partnering with the Gudeman’s in the endeavor of training for aviation missions and eventual work in the field of missionary aviation. They are in the final stages of fundraising before they move to Ohio for roughly 3 years and then onto a field placement. There is a significant need for last minute and moving expenses and this is a great place for us to go beyond our partnership in their mission and show generosity. I would encourage you to be generous to them in this way. Make a donation on the MMS donation page by going to “Give to missionary Support”, select “Gudeman” and label it for “Out-going Expenses”. They are so close to their fundraising goal, I would love to see the generosity of Shore Community Church get them there.

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