Obituary for Dave Keller

We have been reminded this Christmas of one important aspect of what Jesus has done for us. Not only has he come so that we might be rescued from and forgiven of sin, but in his coming we find hope in the face of death. Our hearts are heavy as we grieve with Judie, Michael, Leigha and the family and friends of Dave. The loss of a loved one is tragic enough, but to have it happen at Christmastime is especially difficult. And yet, we do not grieve as those who have no hope.

In our small church we welcomed three babies this year, and we have had four families lose loved ones. We cannot help but be reminded of God’s providence over our lives. He has numbered our days according to his good plan and for his great glory. And because of his great grace displayed in Jesus, we await a day of hope. A day in which Christ shall declare his reign over his creation with authority and finality, a day in which he will call the dead forth from their graves, a day in which we shall rejoice because every tear is wiped away, every wrong is set to rights, and evil and death are overwhelmed by the power of the risen Christ our Lord.

So we read the obituary of Dave Keller with sorrow, but also with promise. Death does not have the final say because our Lord has conquered death. And the day will come when we’ll not only see Dave and the other loved ones we have lost, but we will see Jesus, who loved us enough to take on human flesh, stepping into our world, so that he might rescue it and us along with it. Even so Lord Jesus, come quickly!

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