Prayer Needs for December 8th, 2014

God intends his church to share in the sorrows and joys of life with one another. We rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn. Last week, many of us prayed for Dave, Marlene’s brother. His battle with cancer ended this morning. Marlene and many of the other family members were able to spend significant time with him these last several days, sharing some sweet times of affection and honoring God for his grace. Dave’s trust in the Lord was evident to all those who were with him. For their family, this is a time of deep sorrow intermingled with rejoicing in the hope of the resurrection that we have in Christ. Please pray for this family in their season of mourning and ask for God to comfort them in their sorrow.

Please be in prayer for Rachael today as well. She is getting settled into the hospital and they are awaiting the arrival of their baby girl anytime today. Pray for strength and for a quick and healthy delivery.

While we mourn with one family, we rejoice with another. And we rest in the beautiful providence of our loving and gracious God who has ordained different seasons of life, both bitter and sweet, as times to worship him for his grace and goodness and to find hope in the love of our Lord Jesus who gave his life to redeem ours.

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