Prayer Needs for the week leading up to July 4th

As you pray, please remember these things:

  • Marlene’s Dad is having further difficulties with his health. Pray that their house sells quickly so they can transition down to this area and move into a care facility. This would allow them better medical attention, quality of life, and would help Marlene to better take care of her parents.
  • Pray for our church missionaries. They are facing a point of decision where there are many avenues of ministry they might pursue but need to identify the areas where they need to focus their energy and attention. Pray for their children as well.
  • We are at the mid-point of our Bible Camp today. The children are really enjoying it and learning a great deal. Pray for God’s work in their lives.
  • Pray for one another in the church. We are in a season where lots of folks are travelling. There are also a few among us such as Lou who are dealing with serious health concerns. Pray for those you are aware of, and pray that the treatment Lou is going through would eradicate his cancer. All of us need prayer to live our lives in a manner that reflects Jesus.





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