Missionary Update for October 7, 2013

I wanted to give an update about the Rineholt Family. The nature of their work is in transition and they have left the Dominican Republic and are now in Pennsylvania. I haven’t spoken to Shawn although I hope to soon. They will still be working with Ears to Hear Radio, but will be in the DR and Haiti in a more limited capacity. You can read the most recent update here and here. Please pray for the Rineholt Family during this time.

I am meeting today with a man who is in the process of relocating his family to the Dominican Republic for a new mission work. I am praying for the Lord’s guidance in this matter and for discernment on whether or not our church should partner with this new ministry. Be in prayer for this as well. The timing of one family’s departure and another family’s beginning in the Dominican Republic is not coincidence and I am asking God for wisdom about how our church might play a role in ministry in the Dominican Republic.

I hope to give an update about this on Sunday if I’m able.

Also, our first missionary family will be leaving the States next week. Be in prayer for them during their travels and the process of settling into their new home and community overseas. I’m hoping to speak to them before they leave so that I can update the church on them as well.

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