2013 Summer Teaching Series at SCC

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend and it’s the unofficial beginning of the Summer Season. After Memorial Day, school will soon be out, vacations will be taken; we’ll hit the beach, the pool, and the park. We’ll squeeze what we can out of the outdoors while its warm! As our schedules have a way of changing frequently and becoming very busy in the summer, it’s crucial that we continue to abide in Jesus throughout this season. We want to get to September and be able to look back upon the Summer and see how God has worked in our hearts and lives. We want to see our relationships, our beliefs, and our way of living more closely resemble God’s will for us.

With this in mind, our 2013 Summer Teaching Series here at SCC will be entitled: Simple Relationships, Deep Belief, and Authentic Living: a study through The First Epistle of John. This study begins this Sunday, so invite a friend and bring your Bible and we’ll see how God is going to shape us this Summer as we seek to know him and obey him.

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