Mission Project in Haiti – Radio Station Haiti 102.3

As many of you know, our friends Shawn and Jen Rineholt and their children are involved in several projects in their mission work in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Recently, they were able to open a new radio station in Haiti. For Americans, some consider radio a marginal medium, but in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, it is still on the cutting edge. The Rineholt’s are working to put hand-held, solar-powered radios in the hands of the masses so that people can listen to the new radio station. These radios are programmed to only pick up this one station which is a Christian radio station with Christian music and Bible based, Christ-centered programming. This is an incredible tool for telling these people about the Gospel.

These hand-held radios are often listened to by a group of people, so the audience for each radio is exponential. The Rineholt’s need $1500 to ship 1000 of these radios.

My challenge to you is to go here and pay for at least 1 radio to be shipped and placed in someone’s hand. Let’s be honest, most of us would spend $1.50 without really even thinking about it. So, dig around in your couch and in the ash tray of your car and find the change to ship one of these radios!

Go here to donate!

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