Prayer for the Rineholt Family in the Dominican Republic

I wanted to ask that you be in prayer for our friends Shawn and Jen Rineholt as they minister in the Dominican Republic. They are enduring some significant difficulties today. Here are two messages Shawn posted on Facebook today”

Please pray for our city today as the water supply from San Rafael has been broken and one of the main purified water suppliers (Everest) uses this as the source of water. So purified water for the whole city of Barahona is very limited. Not sure but we may drive somewhere else to get water for the family.

I read this as I was in the library this afternoon. When I left the library, I stopped at the water fountain to get a quick sip. As the water swirled in my mouth before swallowing, I thought about the Rineholt’s. The next time you get a drink of water or wash your hands, please pray for them. Pray that the water supply would be restored very quickly.

A few hours later, this is the message he posted:

So now I am asking for prayer for us specifically. We just replaced the transmission last week in the van, and when Jen was leaving to take a neighbor to the hospital the engine through a rod and oil is leaking everywhere.

As you might imagine, having a van is very important for a family of seven. Also, it is a huge asset to their ministry. Please pray that they can get this fixed quickly and that it is affordable.

Please pray for these needs for the Rineholt family. But, most of all, pray that they would not be discouraged but would see the Spirit move in the midst of their trials. Pray that this difficulty would lead to fruitful ministry and that they would know God’s peace and provision in this time.

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One thought on “Prayer for the Rineholt Family in the Dominican Republic

  1. I got an email from Shawn this afternoon. They got water around 10am this morning. their van is in the shop so pray it gets fixed tomorrow since they have to go to the Capitol on Tuesday for a meeting regarding their visas.

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