Update on the Rineholt’s in the Dominican Republic

Shawn sent me an email to keep everyone in the loop about all that his happening in the Dominican Republic. I have edited it, but you can read it below:

The kids are doing better, Kylie has been throwing up for 5 days. I was looking for the medicine Phenergen here for her but was unsuccessful. If she is not better today we will send for it in the capitol. We had to reschedule our immigration interview for Nov 6th because the kids were sick on Friday and could not make the trip to the capitol. Our temporary residency expires on October 27th so please pray things go well for us in the immigration office.

Our van was making a noise so I took it to the mechanic and the transmission may be bad, he is currently working on it. I have been using Pastor Darrens Truck since his family is in the states working on their visa things. They will be back in a few weeks please pray our van is fixed by then.

The school is going well there are 60 kids attending of which 57 are sponsored through Mt Vernon Church www.sponsorchildrenofhope.com. Jen and Wilkyns are the only teachers right now as Christina is still in the states. Please pray, we really need help here. The children are doing well and it is such a blessing to see their lives changed. They are growing in the Lord and also in their education.

We just took delivery on the tables and chairs that were ordered for the school. It is such a blessing to see the children learning up off the floor. Wilkyns is teaching a Bible study at the school for the community and we were there yesterday for fellowship. Over a dozen adults are attending and the rest of the 50+ chairs that we have at the school were filled with children.

We had given a wheel chair to a young man, Jose Antonio, who lives near Wilkyns last year as we had one donated and were challenged to pray about who it was supposed to go to. When we happened upon Jose in the Batey he had a broken wheel chair that he was almost falling through the seat. We knew this is who we were to give it to. When I stopped to talk with him he was excited to receive the new chair. By giving him the chair, it opened up a relationship with him and Wilkyns. Although the chair we gave him last year is almost in as bad of shape as the one we replaced now the difference is the relationship has led to him attending the Bible study in the Batey and his recent public confession of faith. He is filled with joy now and it has truly been awesome to get to know him. Please pray, the roads are so bad where he lives and he is a young man so he uses his wheel chair on the rough terrain and it sure would be nice if i could find one that will not fall apart in a year.

We had our first Bible study last night at our house for the youth since we got back. we had 63 in attendance. I spoke on 1 Corinthians 2:1-5 as we continue through Corinthians together. It was a great time in worship and the word. We have some practical needs here like plastic chairs and we could also use a few mic stands and a music stand, etc…the youth from the neighborhood have asked us every week since we got back when we would start this up again. It is encouraging to see they are excited about it. We are talking about a hike/campout to the top of the mountain here so Jen and I are praying about how this could be a “mountaintop” experience for them to get them out of the comfort zone and build community/bonding and also to challenge each one of them personally with the individual walk with The Lord.

Barahona Radio: Evelyn our lawyer is in the USA meeting with Helping Hands ministry (Rod Meyers) when she gets back the first thing we have is our residency meeting at immigration then we will set up a meeting with INDOTEL to get to the next step with our license. From this point on, it is imperative to have Evelyn involved in the conversations with INDOTEL to assure we do not miss any details.

I received a phone call from Amada our landlord for the house and the Ears To Hear (ETH) building. She said she owes the bank 10k USD and that she wanted to know if we were ready to buy the radio building yet. Her asking price is 30k and i know it would cost 20k+ to build what she has there. I think she would sell for 15-18k. She said we could pay the 10k and she would transfer papers and pay her the rest. I told her I have not the authority to make a deal with her. Besides I told her we were not financially in a place right now to buy. She said if she cant come up with the 10k she may lose the building to the bank. So…..please pray for God’s guidance through all of this. ETH has a lease paid up until January on the building. Obviously we do not want to put up the tower until we know for sure what to do here. I know Earl is supposed to be coming to Barahona in December maybe we could review all of our options while he is here. I know God will lead.

Bob Eredics just left on Friday he was here(Be His Witness Ministries, Sarasota, FL) to install what he calls a Reasonably Clean Water system. It is a new pump, automatic chlorinator, and two micro filter system to clean the water for our house to prevent the bad infections we had last year. Doing so we had to replace the Invertor in my house which being not so great news for me financially it is good news for ETH now we have a great 2.5KW invertor to use at the radio station. (this is the one we have used the past two years) it is a great machine but we needed 6KW to run the pumps.

My projects this week will include Internet at my house! and finding the parts for the van in the Capitol. There is so much more to write, but my fingers are cramping from typing on my phone.

We serve an awesome God who provides, protects, leads, loves, disciplines, correct, rebukes, encourages and has His will in mind and our best at heart. Please keep praying, trusting, and believing. God is not finished here yet. Sometimes we can get discouraged and everything seems so far away and out of reach, but if we do not lose heart we will have an “ON AIR” day here in Barahona. And somehow I believe that that will still only be the beginning.

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