Missionary Update for October 15, 2012

This weekend we received two updates from the missionary families with which our church is partnering:

The first family (for security reason, we don’t use their names) is in Germany for a few months, but this week, the husband is in Africa working with several missionaries there conducting training sessions regarding safety and security issues. While they wait for the opportunity to return to the field in Pakistan, God is using them in a support role. This isn’t “glamorous”, but it is essential work. Please continue to pray for them in these ways:

  • That God would open the door for them to return to Pakistan
  • That God would make this season of working in a support role successful
  • That God would continue to supply all of their needs.

Our second missionary family, the Reinholt’s have written an update here that you can read. Please continue to pray for the Rineholt’s in the following ways:

  • That God would provide for the several needs that they are working to remedy.
  • That God would sustain their health and give them the strength to accomplish their work.
  • That they would continue to see fruit as they labor for the Lord.

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