Small Group Recap for the Week of 10.7.12 – 1 Thessalonians 5

1 Thessalonians 5

(1) What does this passage teach about God?

The “Day of the Lord” will come unexpectedly (verse 2). Jesus died for us so we could live with him. Whether we live or die, we will live with him (verse 10). God is faithful and will answer prayer (verse 24)

(2) What does it teach about me?

I am a child of the light, a child of the day (verse 5). Faith and love are my breastplate, protecting my heart. The hope of salvation is my helmet, guarding my mind (verse 8). We will not experience God’s wrath, but salvation in Jesus (verse 9).

3) How must I believe or obey to align my life with God’s Word?

There are several point of practical instruction in this chapter. It’s important to understand these things in light of God’s grace. These things don’t earn us his favor, but if we have accepted his grace and understood the Gospel, then the character of our lives should resemble in an increasing manner what is found in these instructions. Here is a list of questions related to these instructions:

  • Am I alert and self-controlled? In other words is my conduct pointing to Jesus’ coming (Verse 6)?
  • Do I have faith, hope, and love? Am I practicing them (Verse 8)?
  • Am I encouraging others and building others up(verse 11)?
  • Do I hold in high regard those who encourage and teach me (Verse 13)?
  • Am I living in peace with others (verse 13)?
  • Am I joyful always (verse 16)?
  • Am I praying continually (verse 17)?
  • Do I give thanks in all circumstances (verse 18)?
  • Am I sensitive to the moving of the Holy Spirit in my life or do I quench it (Verse 19)?
  • I should not treat prophecies with contempt, but I also should test them to make sure they are genuine (verse 20-21).
  • Do I avoid every kind of evil (verse 22)?
  • Am I idle? Am I timid? Am I helping the weak? Am I patient with everyone (verse 14)?
  • Have I paid back wrong for wrong or have I been kind (verse 15)?
  • Is my conduct blameless (verse 23)? Note that it doesn’t say sinless, but points to Christ-like Character.

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