Small Group Recap for the Week of 9.23.12

This week in Small Group Bible Study, we read and discussed 1 Thessalonians 3. Here are the major points which we discussed:

1 Thessalonians 3

(1) What does this passage teach about God?

  • If we cannot help someone in our presence, God has given us prayer to aid others (verse 10).
  • God will work in his church through prayer. There are other ways that God works in his church, but a primary and essential way is with and through the prayers of those in the church (verses 10-13).
  • God is the one who makes our love for one another increase (verse 12).
  • Jesus is coming again(verse 13).

(2) What does it teach about me?

  • Trials and suffering can cause us to be unsettled in our faith if we aren’t encouraged through them by other believers (verses 2-3).
  • We will face trials without a doubt because we follow Jesus (verse 3 “we were destined for them” (NIV)).
  • God can use my faith to encourage someone who is enduring trial, distress, and persecution (verse 7).

 3) How must I believe or obey to align my life with God’s Word?

  • Paul was facing persecution for preaching the Gospel, how does this give perspective to our trials? Do I endure suffering for a worldly gain that I will not endure to further the Gospel? Do I give time and energy to everything except the Lord’s work?
  • Is my life enhanced by my work to help other stand firm in the Lord? (verse 8)
  • Do we pray for other this way: to supply what is lacking in the other’s faith, to increase their love for others, so their hearts would be blameless in holiness? (verses 10-13)
  • Does our church have overflowing love for each other? (verse 12)
  • Am I praying for fellow believers? (verses 10-13) This is how God will grow the love for one another within our church. If I’m not experiencing the deep and authentic love within the church body, is it because I have neglected to pray for it?


What insights do you have into this passage that aren’t mentioned above?

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