What’s happening at SCC?

  • Now that it’s September our Small Group Bible Studies are beginning next week. At this point, we have two Small Groups. One group will meet on Tuesday nights, and another group will meet at 6:30pm at the Luckenbaugh’s house in Berlin. The Third group will meet on Thursday nights at 6:00pm at the McDaniel’s house in Berlin. Feel free to email Pastor Kyle with questions or if your schedule only allows a different time.
  • On September 22, from 7-11:00 am we are having a yard sale at the OC Lions Club on Airport Road. If you would like to make donations for the yard sale, email Pastor Kyle, or you can bring your items for donation to the yard sale before 7:00 am.

If you want to know what else is happening at SCC check out the Fall 2012 Calendar.

3 thoughts on “What’s happening at SCC?

  1. Ok, that’s a weird advertisement.
    Thanks, Pastor Kyle, aka PK, for another great message today. You have a great way of tying the miracles and promises of the old testament to the fulfillment of the promise through Jesus Christ.
    I don’t recall ever hearing of the two lamb passover ceremony of the Leviticus era but what a beautiful way to demonstrate the duality of Christ’s death and resurrection. A packed house was great to see but more importantly, I hope someone was blessed by God’s word today.
    p.s. Since I’m blowing my diet tonight(I know, its hard to tell), how about some extra cheese on the pizza’s for tonight’s service.

    1. What I talked about from Leviticus is found in chapter 16 on the Day of Atonement. It’s actually two goats, not two lambs, but the idea is the same so the difference is not important. It was the Day of Atonement though, not the Passover, I must have been unclear about that. What I thought I was saying was that the first Passover was a precursor to the later sacrificial system and Jesus fulfills them both.

      1. ” What I thought I was saying was that the first Passover was a precursor to the later sacrificial system and Jesus fulfills them both.”
        That part I got and was what I was referring to. Got the goat vs lamb thing wrong but definitely appreciate having a better understanding of how the duality of Jesus’s fulfillment was related to old testament ceremonies/beliefs.
        Concept………….got it. Details, well not so much.

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