The Rineholt Family – Missionaries to the Dominican Republic and Haiti

We were pleased to host Shawn and Jen Rineholt and their children at SCC during our service yesterday. Shawn and Jen shared with us what God has been doing in and through their ministry in the Dominican Republic (DR) and Haiti. Their words were both encouraging and challenging to us. In case you missed it yesterday, here are some of the things they are involved with:

In a place that rarely has electricity and where few people can read, radio is a wonderful thing. The Rineholt’s are working diligently to get the radio station in the DR operating so that listeners can have access to Bible teaching and Christian programming via radio. They also work with a radio station in Haiti that is currently operating and are hoping to expand there.

  • The “Children Full of the Love of Christ” School

Working alongside Wilkins, a DR local, the Rineholt’s have built a school and are teaching more than 50 children at this school. Many children are “stateless” belonging to neither the DR or Haiti and have no rights or even the privileges of education. Wilkins has the vision to fill that gap, and the Rineholt’s and joined him to serve at this school.

  • Well Drilling

With Cholera being an epidemic because of contaminated drinking water, fresh, potable water is a valuable commodity. A well costs roughly $6000 to drill and there is no guarantee water will be found. The Rineholt’s have partnered with a local pastor who owns a drilling rig which can be repaired for roughly $4800 and then multiple wells will be able to be drilled.

  • Surfing Outreach

The Rineholt’s regularly go to a nearby surf spot to connect with locals to share the Gospel. This also provides a worthwhile activity for many of the kids in their town, who otherwise might simply get into trouble on the streets.

  • Youth Home Bible Study

The Rineholt’s are working to share the Gospel with the large numbers of local children who live nearby. They meet with more than 50 kids weekly outside their home in Barahona.

In addition to all of this, they have endured hardship through illness, discomfort of living conditions, thefts, and natural disasters. But, the Rineholt’s exude the joy of Christ and they willingly face suffering because of the Gospel and the desire to proclaim it to these wonderful people.

Let us join with them in prayer continually and we will see how God leads SCC to further join with their ministry in the weeks and months ahead.

If you would like to make a donation to their ministry,

go here.

(yes, it is tax-deductible)


You can send a check here:

Ears to Hear Radio

PO Box 367

Parkton, MD 21120

In the memo line write: The Rineholts

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