What is “Maundy Thursday”?

Maundy Thursday is the Thursday before Easter where Christians worldwide and throughout history have paused to reflect on the night that Jesus met with his disciples for the Passover meal. This was the night he was betrayed and the following day (Good Friday), was the crucifixion. Different traditions have observed it different ways and in some modern traditions the observations has all but ceased to exist.

In Berlin, MD, there a group of several churches of varying denominations that have met together to observe Maundy Thursday. This Thursday, we will meet at The Worship Center, on Route 50 near Stephen Decatur High School from 6-8 PM. One of the pastors from one of the churches will speak for a few minutes as groups of people gather to participate in the Lord’s Supper (read more on this – Parts One and Two). You may arrive at any point during the evening and leave at any point. We simply ask that you come with an attitude of reverence and worship, and be open to God working in your life.

We hope that you make this part of your Easter Week Celebration!

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