Review and Reflect

If you spend time and mental capacity on trying to learn something, is it not worthwhile to invest some time and some thought into remembering as much as possible? Students take notes in school so they can read them again later. People take photographs so we can remember an enjoyable time more fully. I believe that spending some time reviewing and reflecting on Sunday’s sermon is worthwhile spiritually. If you devoted your time and your mental capacity to engage with God and his Word on Sunday during a sermon, get the most bang for your buck, and take a minute to review it and reflect upon it.

To Review is to recall content and to Reflect is bring about understanding and application. In other words, what did I hear, and how do I integrate it into my life?


If you take notes during the sermon, it aids the process of review. If you don’t, try reading the passage again, or simply sit for a minute with a cup of coffee and try to remember something that was said. Like SCC, some churches post blogs summarizing the sermon, others give hand-outs, and others provide podcasts. I prefer blog posts, because they don’t cost money like hand-outs and you don’t have to remember where you put them, and review can happen more quickly than with a podcast. Review is an exercise in memory recall and even if your memory is terrible, you can remember something. If you can’t remember anything, you need to prepare more appropriately.


This is where the rubber meats the road. Is what you heard on Sunday true? Biblical? Applicable? Controversial? If so why and how? If not why and how?  If you answer those questions, you have spent time reflecting. Pray that God would work his Word out in your life. Engaging in this exercise of reviewing and reflecting will add depth to your church experience that will bear fruit in your walk with Jesus.

Take some time this week to Review and Reflect. They are also part of preparing. So it leads naturally in the rhythm of your week to prepare your heart for the following Sunday.

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