Reading for this week

For those of you interested in reading some of the passages related to this Sunday’s sermon, below are some related passages. I would encourage you to read the Luke passage first and then again after you read the others. You will see how these Old Testament passages are used and interpreted by Luke in the New Testament. This is a helpful exercise for anyone unfamiliar with Old Testament. It will allow you to begin to familiarize yourself with it to build up enough understanding so that in time you can go back and read broadly. Here are the passages:

Luke 1:5-25, 57-80

Malachi 4

Isaiah 9:1-7

Isaiah 40:1-5

Isaiah 52, particularly verse 7

My sermon is from the Luke passage. It is a wonderful example of the Gospel being the good news of God’s movement in the past, present, and future. God has, is, and will accomplish salvation for his people. Zechariah believed this and so should we. His song really is a masterful summary of Old Testament theology and history and it serves as an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to understand the Big Picture of what the OT is all about.

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