Missionary Update for 11-7-2011

Our friends in Pakistan sent an update on the things we have been praying for. They found out that if the visas that they were granted through December expire, they will be required to come back to the US to reapply for a new visa. So, before January, they must make plans to travel home if they are not granted new visas. Things are not looking good as far as that goes, and they may need to make a decision about returning home sooner than later.

Here are the ways you can pray for them this week:

  • Pray for long-term visas to be granted to them so that they can stay in Pakistan.
  • Pray that while they remain there, they will work diligently in language study and in ministry.
  • Pray that God would give them wisdom and faith in this time of making some very important decisions.
  • Pray also that God would strengthen them. These decisions are not easy on the emotions.

Thank you for being faithful to pray for our friends who are working so that the people of Pakistan may hear the Gospel of Jesus.

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