Book Excerpt from “Making Room for Life” by Randy Frazee

In Randy Frazee’s book, “Making Room for Life” he makes this statement about churches:

“It has been my experience and personal observation that churches can complicate our already fragmented lifestyles. While it is true that the spiritual nourishment and opportunity for ministry service is much more meaningful than most other things we occupy ourselves with, it seems that there is a better and simpler way to go about it. For most people who live in the sprawl of suburbia, church is its own world – disconnected for the most part from our relationships at work, in the neighborhood, and with the schools of our children.”

The mission of SCC is to love God and love people simply, deeply, and authentically. Living fragmented lives makes this very difficult. We need to learn to be “ministers” wherever we are: home, work, neighborhood, etc. not only when the church gathers. Biblically speaking, we don’t serve or minister “at” the church, we do it “as” the church. Or as an unknown philosopher once said, “Wherever you go, there you are.”

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