Sermons for this Fall

On Sunday mornings this fall we are studying several of the statements found in The Gospel according to John where Jesus speaks the words “I am…”

These stories in John are written as if someone asked “What is Jesus like?”, or “Who is Jesus?” Over the next several weeks, we are going to look at how the Bible describes Jesus to us in the Gospel of John. Jesus says, I am the Way, I am the Good Shepherd, I am the Resurrection and the Life, along with many other statements. These are important words because we need to be vigilant in making sure we are not worshipping a “Jesus” we have molded ourselves. We want to follow and truly worshipping Jesus himself not an idolatrous image we have invented. If we want to know who Jesus really is, we have to listen to him, not just decide what kind of God we would like and then interpose that upon Jesus. This is common in our society today. People are religious and spiritual, but often fashion a God of preference rather than a God who has revealed himself to us. We cannot know if our ideas about God are true unless God has given those ideas to us. We are people who believe we don’t conjure ideas about God in ourselves, but God has told us what he is like and who he is in the testimony of Scripture.

This week, we are looking at a wonderful story where Jesus has a conversation with a Samaritan woman. If you get a chance, read it before Sunday.

5 thoughts on “Sermons for this Fall

      1. Great study on Jesus as the “bread of life” and our follow up discussion regarding communion. It’s interesting to note you felt moved towards communion with this particular passage from John. Traditionally we look towards the Last Supper passages only. The Last Supper as prelude to the Passion was an emotional and trying time for the Lord as human. Communion seems to take on a funereal “Remembrance” tone. But wasn’t it a follow-up to the Bread of Life teaching? Why can’t we celebrate Bread of Life/communion in a joyful way?

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