Missionary Update for 9-30-11

I received an email from our friends in Pakistan. Unfortunately the situation with their visas has not changed. The Lord has been gracious to them though. There has been an outbreak of Dengue fever all over the country and they have been able to avoid contracting it, this is certainly an answer to prayer. Here are ways you can pray for them in the days ahead:

  • Continued protection from Dengue fever, especially for their child. It is spread by mosquitos so pray for the mosquito population to experience a massive die-off.
  • Pray for a resolution soon with their visas. Workers all over the country have been facing obstacles with visas. Pray this would end so these people and our friends can have permission to remain in the country.
  • The political relationship between the US and Pakistan has gotten progressively worse. Pray for the gospel to go forth in the country in spite of political problems.

We praise God this week also because SCC has sent our first support money to partner in the work in Pakistan. Our greatest partnership is through prayer, but this is joined together with our gifts in helping with their physical needs also.

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