A Great Savior for a Small Church

As of this point, we are not yet recording our sermons to post on this website, although we hope to do that in the future. But, we are currently studying the book of Colossians. The series is entitled “A Great Savior for a Small Church”. If you plan on coming this Sunday, take a look at chapter 2 beforehand if you would like to know what we are talking about. Here are the main points that we are teaching in this series:

  • Our Great Savior is our Creator, Rescuer, and Restorer.
  • We Pray to a Great Savior. 
  • Our Great Savior brings us Good News called the Gospel.
  • There are things that will attempt to undermine our belief in our Great Savior.
  • Our Great Savior makes a way for us to put away our past and be renewed.

You had better come quickly, because we finish on the Sunday, September 25th!

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